🀝 Cooperation

We are your external team.

Working with us on a contractual basis, you are always sure that Dark Stone is your outsourced creative departament that will respond to all requests in a timely manner and promptly implement them. Monthly payment, based upon an invoice that calculates and agrees with you. You only pay for the time actually spent on your projects.

🀩 Benefits


You ger all our main and related services (design, layout, copywriting, etc.), and in return you save time and money by ordering work only as needed, at a time convenient for you.

It's perfect!


We provide you with services qyckly and on time. Specifically for your project we are allocating a specialist who will take care of your tasks.


All tasks are set with the help of a task manager, so you can track them, as well as deadlines and the executor. All works is calculated using a time tracker, which allows you to pay ONLY for the work performed.

How does it work?

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